T H A N K  Y O U

It is such an honour to share your birthing and early parenthood experience with you.

Being part of such an intimate experience is nothing I take lightly.

I'm genuinely thankful to all the parents who have trusted me to support them.


Below you will find words of thanks and reviews from parents I have supported as a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, breastfeeding support and Birth Pool rental.

References from families I've worked with available upon request.


"Klara, such gorgeous photos! You were so modest about picture taking when we talked about it but you are a professional when it comes to documenting birth! It makes me really cherish this whole experience and feel proud of myself!

I'm thankful for the whole birth team! You especially, you are a fantastic doula!"


- First Time Mamma


"Som Pappa kände jag mig delaktig utan att känna mig undanträngd.

Klara var ett jättefint stöd och precis vad vi var ute efter."


- First Time Pappa


"Klara is THE best! We rented out birthing pool from the birth suite and it could not be more simple to pick up, set up/clean and return. We used the birthing pool for our home birth and we will be happily renting the pool again for our next upcoming birth, along with other fabulous services from the birth suite."


- First Time Mamma


"Klara stöttade oss båda innan och efter förlossningen på flera sätt båda praktiskt och mentalt. Hon fick oss att formulera hur vi tänkte kring förlossningen, samt längst vägen. I vårt fall hade vi en del läkarbesök på slutet och Klara fanns alltid tillgänglig för råd och pepp. Det var ovärderligt att ha någon att rådfråga och också formulera oro till under dessa sista veckor.

Eftersom vår förlossning blev utdragen var Klaras närvaro extra viktig och bidrog till en kontinuitet genom flera skiftbyten. Detta var inte bara betydelsefullt för oss, utan även för förlossningspersonalen (som hade stor hjälp av klara!) Trots att förloppet inte alls blev vad vi sett framför oss bidrog Klaras entusiasm och närvaro till att vi i efterhand ändå upplever förlossningen som positiv. Oavsett om man fött barn tidigare eller inte är det svårt att veta hur förloppet kommer upplevas och då ha med extra stöd var, i alla fall för oss, fantastiskt värdefullt.

Klara lyckades även skapa en trygg atmosfär båda visuellt och i praktiken, något som var väldigt viktigt för oss. Hon tog även fantastiska bilder under förlossningen!

Vi rekommenderar Klara varmt; med henne får ni en engagerad och positiv doula som har en fantastisk energi. Klara har verkligen möjligheten att göra er förlossning till en positiv upplevelse!"


- First Time Mamma


"I knew Klara was perfect for us from the first meeting! I'm so grateful the stars aligned and we connected."


- 4th Time Mamma


"Oh where to begin,

Klara was a doula but so much more.

I remember meeting Klara in the lobby of the Radison Blu hotel in the city centre, just 16 weeks pregnant. I was a ball of emotion as we had just embarked on our journey to move from the United States to Gothenburg. I was so overwhelmed, for a million reasons but when Klara sat down in front of me to talk baby, all was calm.

Klara stood with me, cheered me on, laughed, cried and loved me through some of the hardest moments of my life. To say we are thankful would be an understatement!"


- 2nd Time Mamma


"Klara was an absolute hero for our daughter Mila’s birth. She was an anchor, our spokeswoman, our representative, our protector. For me the most important aspect of the birthing experience was to protect the sacred space, to maintain a peaceful and safe environment that allowed my body to continually open through labor.

I was able to stay “in my zone” for 10 straight hours because Klara was our spokeswomen/representative whom we trusted to communicate my wishes in my birth letter everyone we encountered once we were at the hospital. Which means that whenever there was a shift in midwives/nurses I didn’t need to come out of my zone in order to reexplain my wishes and desires. She knew exactly when I needed encouragement, acknowledgement, as well as silence, and her intuition was spot on when my partner Jim also was in need of support.

Not only is Klara highly experienced and knowledgeable in regards to how hospitals run in Sweden but because my partner and I don’t speak any Swedish, Klara saved us from what could have been a “Lost in Translation” experience.

Lastly I can still vividly remember the last hour before Mila was born. It is by far the most intense moment in my life. I had my eyes closed the entire time but what I remember was Klara’s firm grip of my hands and her presence right by my head in the bath tub. It was the comfort and reassurance that everything is going to be ok that you’d get from a mother, a sister, an aunt, a best friend. After an incredible birthing experience with Klara I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you Klara."


- 1st time Mamma